The Virtues of Direct Mail Marketing

The field of marketing has exploded in many different directions due to all the new technologies available today. And yet, the more traditional marketing forms such as direct mail marketing are still as effective as they ever were. Unlike the more modern forms, direct mail has a proven record of success, as demonstrated by such long time firms as Credit Mail Experts. Here’s some of the reasons why it still works:

Highly Targeted

A direct mailing campaign can be specifically tailored to reach the exact demographic you are seeking. It can also be personalized to seem more relevant to the reader and thereby maximize their chances of responding.

Mail is Physical

Many forms of advertising flow right by the consumer, a moment’s distraction and you missed the commercial. With direct mail, you receive an actual physical object you hold in your hand, which is much harder to ignore. Also, unlike a lot of new technologies, people are familiar with receiving mail.

Mail is Versatile

Mail comes in many formats, from brochures to letters to postcards. It’s also easy to judge the success of a direct mail campaign, since you simply compare the amount you sent out to the responses you got back.

Cost Effective

Compared to the high rates demanded by TV, radio and internet sources, a direct mail campaign is much less expensive. It is especially effective when used to supplement other forms of media campaigns. Definitely take advantage of the new marketing tools, but don’t forget direct mail.

Save Yourself Time and Aggravation with PowerPoint Consulting for Your Business

PowerPoint presentations can be key to getting your business message across to potential customers. An effective presentation provides the audience with an understanding of your message and your product or service. However, putting together a quality slide show and script can be time consuming. In addition, many people aren’t aware of the criteria that make for a quality presentation. That’s why so many companies are opting to hire PowerPoint consulting to help their staff to create efficient and effective slide shows to convey their message.

Less Stress

Executives and key players know they don’t have the time nor the know-how to take on a PowerPoint presentation. They also know that they need to have visuals to go along with their prepared script or elevator speech. Hiring professional PowerPoint designers to take on the creation of slides will lessen the stress of your staff, allowing them to focus on other aspects of sharing the company’s assets.

Professional Product

Hiring the pros just makes sense. You’ll end up with a professional, quality PowerPoint presentation that will inform an audience and convert viewers into customers. By hiring professional PowerPoint consultants, you’re sure to get a product that delivers.

Money Saving

Hiring a consultant to help with your your slides is actually a cost effective move. You’ll be saving money by improving your staff’s efficiency in PowerPoint creation. You’re also likely to make more money from your professional looking and message-driven PowerPoint presentation.

So consider bringing in consulting for your next big PowerPoint presentation project. You’ll be glad you did.

Yahoo a racheté Aviate

Yahoo has introduced some interesting news at his press conference of CES 2014. Innovations such as the promising News Digest to name him. Marissa Mayer, however, did not stop the new products developed by its engineers. In fact, it has also raised its latest acquisition: Aviate. Yes, it is indeed that famous launcher for Android.

Aviate, to present in a few words, is as smart launcher capable to evolve and change according to different criteria. It works a bit like Chameleon and structure its offering around several distinct home screens: one for morning activities, another for work, another for relaxation and so on. The interesting thing is that the user will do anything to pass from one to the other, the pitcher who will actually manage everything in its place.


iPhone 6: two models, one phablette?

The iPhone 6 is again about him, this time with information emanating directly from Foxconn. Several internal sources have actually contacted CTech to evoke the next smartphone headed or rather the next two smartphones produced by Apple. For indeed, the bitten apple should gratify us with two new mobile this year with a 4.7 inch screen and another screen of 5.7 inches. It must be admitted, a phablette iOS, it could be very nice, right?

Above all, remember that tweezers are appropriate and this new rumor is obviously taken with the utmost caution. CTechCN has produced no evidence to support his statements and it is therefore impossible for the moment at least, whether these noise corridor are actually based.iphone-6-rumeurs-janv13

Vine will soon set up custom URLs

Vine will soon implement a new likely to interest the greatest number: custom URLs! Incredible, no? And certainly everyone has an account on the platform will soon be able to request their own address. When? How? Why? So many questions, so few answers …

All social networks, or nearly all, are long gone for custom URLs. Facebook was one of the first to embark on this great adventure. For Twitter, things are a little different since the platform has always generated easily readable addresses by the Internet, unlike this little rascal Google+. It nevertheless made a lot of efforts and has even set up a similar system last October.


# Asus soon a touchscreen tablet 8 inch Windows 8.1?

If you are looking for a mobile touch pad and giving direct access to all the richness and possibilities, Windows 8.1, then this information from Mobile Geeks will fill you with joy. According to the website, Asus is actually working on a new touch pad incorporating an 8-inch screen, a tablet would be as compact as the LG G Pad 8.3. Nice, but the best is yet to come because VivoTab Touch 8 embark Windows 8.1 and it would even comes with a stylus to facilitate note taking.

All information in this article should be taken with the utmost caution, of course, but rather Mobile Geeks seems sure of his and the site has even published a first photo featuring the fly slate, a picture that you find at the end of the article.


Twitter: a retrospective of the year 2013 in some hashtags

After Yahoo, YouTube and Facebook, it is the turn of Twitter to launch a retrospective to celebrate the end of the year. An interesting retrospective, taking the form of a long timeline depicting the most significant events of the last twelve months. With a good dose of hashtags, of course, but also some extracts tweets massive database platform. The most nostalgic of you should appreciate, for sure.

So of course, it happened a lot of things since January. Sometimes serious sometimes funny things, sometimes happy, sometimes sad. Twitter, he did not attempt to force the destiny and the service has actually been exploring the “trending topics” in recent months to extract the most significant trends.

In January , for example, we talked a lot about this famous helicopter crash in the middle of London , with a lot of tweets as the Australian Open. February , for its part, has pride of place at the Superbowl , but also the Italian elections. In March , it is above the Pope we discussed on Twitter and it’s also quite fun as one of the most discussed topics in April was none other than the French gay marriage . Marriage, but also all the excesses that followed. Americans have not been forgotten with the attack marked the Boston Marathon.

Towards a LG G2 Mini?

Builders took the habit to decline their various flagships in more compact and less powerful versions. LG is preparing to do the same by lifting the veil on LG G2 Mini. However, the company could apply the same strategy as Sony by attacking only the size of the terminal, and not its technical specifications. That and simply put, the Mini G2 is as powerful as its big brother and reading these few lines should be very fun to some of you.

Everyone does not necessarily need a smartphone with a screen over 5 inches, at least not every day. The LG G2, like the Galaxy Note 3, enjoys a small footprint, it is a fact, but some mobile users prefer to travel light and that’s precisely what could cause the manufacturer to launch a G2 Mini.


LG have finally out a Nexus 8 in preparation

A mysterious reference in connection with a new LG product from short few weeks on canvas. The LG- V510 is his name, has caused much ink and it was the same question, the latest news , whether it does in reality a variant of LG G Pad 8.3. @ evleaks , for its part, does not seem to think so . The famous leakeur actually published early this morning on his Twitter account a picture linking the LG- V510 and … Google . In other words, this reference could actually refer to a new Nexus , and more specifically to a Nexus 8.

That twists , dear friends, that twists ! Suddenly, the LG- V510 is a Nexus 8. Another shot , this is nothing more than a variation of a tablet in the catalog of the manufacturer. And then an image is found online and all our benchmarks explode . In a split second , the LG- V510 changes state and becomes a Nexus 8. A bit like a modern version , and less funny, famous Schrödinger’s cat , in fact.


The Knowledge Graph Google will be interested in cars

For a long time , Google has simply answer questions from users returning their simple lists of web sites. As to the search engine is enriched with a number of features . The most notable recent years is the arrival of the Knowledge Graph , is this funny sidebar capable of displaying information based on certain queries. Within moments, and without the need to visit other sites, it is possible to know the filmography of an actor, or even the creation date of a business. Interesting, for sure, but Google wants to go one step further by addressing this time … cars !

Do not worry though as the U.S. giant has absolutely no intention of replacing our friends garages . At least not yet . At the moment, the functions provided by this new clean the Knowledge Graph module are therefore quite limited and have mainly intended to present the general characteristics of a vehicle.knowledge-graph-automobile

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